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Best-Bonnet-Hair-Dryer Review

Best Bonnet Hair Dryer

Valuable information is always hard to find as a true gem. Anyway, it is worthy to look for it, particularly if we are talking about plenty of varied options in the sea of efficient hair dryers.

You don’t have to rack your brains and waste time anymore. I have prepared for you the list of the finest bonnet hair dryers which combine all benefits and unlock the potential of each type.

Please follow me further in my exploring of the pros and cons of the below-mentioned units which are considered the leading on the market. Taking into account the below reviews, you are able to decide on the fitting version. Please pay peculiar attention to the hair dryers produced by Conair and Revlon.

My list of the Best Bonnet Hair Dryer 2020


Key Feature

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Conair Pro Style
1875 watt / 6-foot long cord / 2 heat/speed settings / Extra-large hood / Adjustable height / Carry handle
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Revlon Ionic Hard
Large Round Hood / 3 Temperature Settings / Ion On/Off Switch / 2 Heats/Speeds
✅ Editor's choice

Ionic technology / 4 heat / speed settings / 4-ft hose / Soft Bonnet / 6-ft power cord / 1 fl. oz. Argan Oil Hydrating Mask
Hot Air Vent Brush Attachment
Conair Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer
4 heat/speed settings / Hot Air Vent Brush / Extra-large soft bonnet / 4-foot flexible hose
Professional 1300W Adjustable Hair Bonnet Dryer
Swivel hood / Temperature - from 0 to 75℃ / Adjustable Height: min. 48" - max.63" / Portable design with wheels / Power: 1300W / 110V

Revlon Ionic Soft
Adjustable Soft Bonnet / 3 Heats / Speeds / Flexible Hose for Easy Mobility / Ionic technology

Gold N' Hot Professional Ionic
Contemporary compact design / Cord and bonnet storage / 40 inch flexible hose / An extensible handleCHECK PRICE



1. Conair bonnet hair dryer

1. Conair Pro Style_500

  • The high gets pretty hot
  • Easy to use unsnap latch
  • It’s such a saving
  • It does the job more quickly than a blow dryer
  • The height adjusts to allow me to sit comfortably
  • The electrical cord is heavier and does not heat up
  • The upward extension of the neck of the dryer is very helpful
  • When it’s on low it doesn’t dry my hair
  • The hood doesn’t adjust for my 7-year-old
  • The hood has holes only at the top
  • The sides of the hood have no holes for air

If you dream to dry your hair strands gently and in a powerful way (1875 Watts) simultaneously, then you can see these features in the bonnet hair dryer manufactured by Conair. This company knows its staff properly, you will not be disappointed. Let’s look a little bit closer at the lineaments.

You are free to adjust the bonnet setting a variable height. The heat level is also under your total supervision thanks to 2 implemented speed settings. Extra-large hood with a set of jumbo rollers is available in this unit.

You don’t have to visit salon any longer as the hair dryer from Conair brings salon look to your home conditions at a reasonable price. Please handle it in storage with compact measures. Due to a long cord with 6 feet, it is effortless and beneficial to operate with it.

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2. Revlon ionic bonnet hair dryer


  • The dryer gets hot enough to dry shoulder length hair
  • Dry hair faster in the winter months
  • It doesn’t cause hair to frizz
  • It Dries hair fast
  • It doesn’t tilt at the neck to adjust to your head
  • It will also trip circuit breakers after running about 5 minutes

Revlon Company is able to propose a unique with its simplicity the set of the most required hair styling tools. This set allows you to generate either enviable waves, or striking straight locks or any other styles which you desire to get.

If you intend to dry your hair fast and evenly, you can count on a balanced airflow which composes an ideal hands-free hair drying. Ionic technology could be a wonderful assistant to maintain a neutral charge for radiant, soft hair strands without unfavorable frizzing.

A round shape hood is an ideally fits a set of jumbo hair rollers. A collapsible look of the dryer relieves the transportation and the storage. Moreover, there is a truly convenient storage space for the cord. Three temperature settings (low, medium and high) are implemented to the hair dryer’s set.

You can rely on two modes of heat and two-speed options. They are able to arrange an optimal oversight for the flexibility of the style and entire drying. You deserve to take on the absolutely gorgeous look like in a fashionable salon.

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3. INFINITI PRO by Conair bonnet hair dryer


  • It is much more flexible that the dome hoods
  • The hair dryer has a lightweight
  • Connection instructions are easy to follow
  • The compact design makes it convenient for traveling
  • Durable. Easy to assemble.
  • The size is not sufficient
  • Where the hose connects to the bonnet tore fairly quickly
  • Hose gets hot

The drying can be gentle and condition treatment should be intensive with a classic style salon dryer from Conair.  Soft bonnet dryer might astonish you with a contemporary Ionic technology system preventing undesirable frizzes. Add more radiance to your hair strands daily.

The heat styling gently touches your hair strands.  At the same time, air conditioning is hot enough for fast drying if it is required. Your hair undergoes less harmful impact thanks to the supplying of conditioning ions. The ions permit your locks being radiant, smooth and strong. You can forget about frizzes with the Infinitypro dryer manufactured by Conair.

You can count on four modes of heat speed if you wish to achieve the ultimate versatility of hair styles. The hose has 4 feet which should be enough for loose motions. The bonnet with a 6-feet power cord has a soft surface with a lock easy to handle.

One more benefit from the company truly delights you with an argan oil hydrating mask (1 fl. Oz) along with a hot air vent brush. Argan oil is famous with its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids plus vitamin E. Hair’s elasticity is able to boost, lifeless strands become gleaming.

A portable case with compact measures is useful while you are traveling or it can be available just for storage. It looks quite elegant due to a purse shape.

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4. Conair soft bonnet hair dryer


  • Bonnet heats evenly
  • Easy to adjust the temperature
  • It dries the hair quickly
  • Great for deep conditioning and roller sets
  • The component is small and does not take up a lot of room
  • The hair dryer is very loud when it works
  • The case is not big enough to get the hair bonnet, hose & cord back in it

A soft bonnet hair dryer designed by Conair is intended for home use only. A balanced and uninterrupted airflow dries out your hair strands gently with the assistance of this bonnet dryer. Hot conditioning is the most outstanding function of the Conair dryer.

You are free to supervise 4 adjustable heat levels which permit you to generate any favorable style. Four-speed settings include a cool mode. This mode lets your locks to look in volume.

One more benefit in the set is a hot air vent brush. It is a wonderful brush to add extra volume to your hair along with the conception of your style. A flexible hose was extended till 4 feet and has a feature Easy Lock.

If you desire to feel free at the time of your motions, then a six-foot power cord might be an excellent assistant in it. You realize that an extensive bonnet matches oversize rollers. They are not included in the set. A drawstring is ready to make the soft bonnet safe for further exploitation.

Please look closer to a portable case with a handle. It should be a perfect variant for compact storage at home or at the time of your travels.

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5. Professional floor hair bonnet dryer by Nova Microdermabrasion


  • Variable temperature controls
  • The quality is decent
  • The performance is great
  • It thoroughly dries hair
  • The timer automatically shuts off the dryer
  • The unit had protective foam and tape secured to the bonnet (hood)
  • It might be the burning of the scalp
  • It doesn’t fit right over the head
  • There are no real instructions to assemble

A hair dryer designed by Nova is a professional version with an adjustable height, a convenient position of the hood door and proper swivel casters. It doesn’t matter where to locate this dryer – at a professional salon or at home, it might be a perfect option for designing various salon styles. Such styles are achievable thanks to hair treatment with spot-caring functions plus drying and hot perm of the locks.

A rotary construction with backflow became advanced. You are able to heat the hair strands equally and lively due to the progressive safe technology of rotary backflow. A perfect temperature level within a short time is possible with a stainless-steel heating element of high-grade quality. It is dual-looped with a thousand watt. This dryer is 110V with a grounded 3 prong heat resistant power cord.

A fan supports an ultra-quiet activity, that’s why you might do something else while you are drying your hair. The lifespan can be longer if you exploit a safe thermal dissipation with ventilations.

A hood is produced from durable tinted acrylic. It has enough size to locate even the largest rollers. The hood features a hinged front visor for your convenience. You are free to title up the bonnet and position it as you desire thanks to the possibility of the hood to swivel on the mounting stand.

Spring-loaded pedestal base permits the dryer’s height to be simply adjusted and locked in a place with the tension knob. Portable design with five smooth-rolling wheels for easy to carry and move. In the work studio, the wheel could be free and flexible, which could improve your work efficiency.

Five smooth-rolling wheels along with portability make the bonnet dryer by Nova simple to the carriage and any motion. If you wish to make your work efficient, you could exploit the wheels in a flexible way and without any hesitation.

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6. Revlon Ionic soft bonnet dryer


  • This product allows drying hair while doing something productive
  • Large curlers fit easily in the bonnet
  • Compact, perfect for vacation
  • Completely comfy and effective
  • Good for naturally kinky curly strands
  • The tube doesn’t lock-in
  • The hose is only 2 foot long
  • The noise is very high

The soft bonnet hair dryer designed by Revlon is suitable thoroughly for profound conditioning along with kind assistance of roller sets for hands-free drying and processing. A properly balanced airflow is able to dry your strands promptly and at a steady pace.

Thanks to ionic technology provided by Revlon, you can count on smooth, radiant hair strands without undesirable frizzing. It is possible to achieve due to the maintaining of a neutral charge.

The flexibility of this dryer is boosted with three different speeds of the heat. It provides the most favorable supervision for a thorough drying and a consistent hairstyle.

Hydrating airflow dries hair locks quite rapidly, preserving moisture. It is a wonderful assistant in case of reducing of strands’ frizz for composing of an amazing blowout at home conditions. The set includes a flexible hose for free activity at the time of your drying. A convenient storage case with compact measures is able to keep the whole hair system, including a power cord.

Revlon Company is able to propose a unique with its simplicity the set of the most required hair styling tools. This set allows you to generate either enviable waves, or striking straight locks or any other styles which you desire to get.

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7. Gold N’ Hot professional ionic soft bonnet dryer


  • It dries my hair just like the big professional ones
  • Easy to move with
  • This is a value a good deal
  • The unit is small and compact
  • If the cap is broken, it is possible to get a replacement
  • This machine gets hot
  • It is loud
  • The hose is short, so you can’t move

Gold N’ Hot professional dryer is the friendliest soft bonnet hair dryer you could ever have. A wonderful ionic bonnet option that not only dries your strands rapidly but also keeps up the hair’s health adding radiance and sleekness to your hair.

The bonnet with an adjustable mode carries out for smaller or larger head sizes. It is additionally suitable for diverse types of hair rollers. It has plenty of holes spreading the heat on your strands in a smooth flowing manner.

With four versatile heat settings, the Gold ‘N Hot soft bonnet dryer can fit varied hair styles and interesting texture. An extensible handle along with storage compartments makes the storage at home or your business trips simple.

The ionic generator is able to emit thousands of negative irons to dry your locks almost immediately with minimum damage for their health, for the radiance of amazing smooth hair strands. The professional ionic dryer from Gold ‘N Hot spotlights with a contemporary design, compact measures, and a jumbo-size drawstring bonnet.

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