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Dafni hair straightening brush reviews
Hair Straightening Brushes

Dafni hair straightening brush reviews

Are you confused with the choice what type of the brush is suitable just for you?

Finally, you don’t have to rack your brains and waste time anymore. I have prepared for you the list of Dafni hair straightening hair brushes which combine all benefits and unlock the potential of each of them.

Please follow me further in my exploring of pros and cons of mentioned brushes which are considered best on the market. Taking into account the below reviews, you are able to decide on the fitting version.

DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

DAFNI The Original Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

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 Do you dream to look like the queen of the night and not to go to a salon and to waste your time and money? All of these you will achieve with Dafni brush only for 3 or 5 minutes which is eight times more than other flat irons. And power will impress you immediately with ten times more than any flat irons. Isn’t it overwhelming effect possible at home or other comfortable conditions?

Only high-quality ceramic components are provided in Dafni hair straightener which has unique respective patent and important technology (3D). Such technology makes heating process proportionally and constantly. The handle is made of unique DuPont material survives in extremely high temperatures and improves heat insulation.

You can be confident in the quality of materials as it utilized by USA army or NASA. Due to this technology you are safe and good protected from heating or burns. It took three years of careful development of high technology by Israeli experts to obtain an excellent quality product. Recently technology related to Dafni straightening brush has received an exclusive patent and won the title of “Product of the Year” in many countries.

The important thing about the comb that you should know is that you are protected to receive original and quality.

DAFNI hair straightening brush has an attractive design for women, who care about beauty and functionality. It has two colors – classic black and tender lilac. Switch on/switch off button is unique and provides reflection till 185C or 365F degrees. Such temperature is perfect for straightening process as for example, 160 degrees are not enough and 190C can burn your gentle hair ends. It takes about sixty seconds in order to reach required one.

The following features can be considered by you as assets:

  • The simplicity of movements.
  • Perfect look in a short time which is crucial point nowadays.
  • Switch on/switch off button is unique and has unique control button.
  • Block of the control panel is absent.
  • Perfect level of heating temperature.
  • The outstanding quality of ceramic elements which are safe and perfect for the heating
  • A constant level of required temperature.
  • The way how bristles are constructed is the main advantage.
  • Specially received technology (3D) patent lets you to achieve the best possible result.
  • Within one-minute heating system is ready for work. It is great time to compare to other brushes.

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DAFNI go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

DAFNI go Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

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 If talking about Dafni brush, it is difficult not to notice pleasant and feminine design look. Luckily, it has not only external beauty, but it can propose you marvelous functionality. The most crucial options and features have been collected carefully by me. Please follow me further in order to bring them to light.

  1. Dafni hair straightening brush is able to save your precious time. It acts 5 times faster than any comb due to its 5 times larger surface. Five minutes to create fashionable appearance are not so many even if you are pressed for time.
  2. The producer cares about the simplicity of the utilization. That is why the company patented required technology which allows you just brush your hair strands without additional movements from your side. You do not need to make respective sections with Dafni hair straightener as you did before with others brushes.
  3. Also, the brush is perfectly safe for you. Please do not worry and forget about burns and injuries as Dafni brush is able to manage with a high level of the temperature such as 365F. At the same time, I highly do not recommend you utilizing of the brush on its maximum level daily.
  4. Nowadays, ladies are busy and manage to do many tasks at the same time. It is a crucial point to have a proper and gorgeous appearance. The portable design of the brush is perfectly suitable for places with versatile activities. You can be confident that Dafni straightening brush is your reliable assistant.
  5. In case of a rush, please pay your attention to travel case with the possibility of heat resistance. The thermal cover helps you not to damage anything even after utilization. The cable going with the brush is detachable which is convenient for you diverse movements. Thanks to a voltage suitable for different countries, you can pick up your brush to any country on your travel list.

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You can ask yourself why do you have to choose USA version of Dafni hair straightening brush? The answer includes a few undeniable features which let your hair strands to be extremely radiant and naturally brilliant.

  • Quality

The material has an exceptional quality. The mechanism was specially developed in order to be resistant to the heat. You can rely on the constant heat with 365F. It is recommended a level of the temperature which gives your opportunity to achieve required fashionable hair appearance.

  • Authenticity

Dafni hair straightener is well-known thanks to its 3D technology. The heating process is proportionally even, ceramic bristles gently touch your strands which are not flat anymore. Salon look dream is not unapproachable anymore. It is possible to touch to the sky with the stars with Dafni Brush.

  • Safety

Burns, frizzes, knots are in the past now. You are safe with the possibility to maintain a constant level of the temperature. Even maximum level (365F or 185C) doesn’t have to afraid you anymore and let achieve sufficient result. The brush is designed to straighten your hair daily.

  • Performance

If compared with a flat iron, Dafni straightening brush has two undeniable options: the cover area is wider more than 7 times and speed is faster more than ten times. These characteristics allow you to save precious time. You will see overwhelming result from straightening process in a matter of minutes. Your friends-girls envy you and men stare after you.

  • Prepare time

In fact, the busiest lady is able to find time for morning make up. So under only one minute is an extremely short period of time for necessary heat up. Only Dafni brush can boast with such fast characteristic of the speed.

  • Power

Follow to producer characteristics, you can find out that the brush designed by Dafni is ten times more powerful compared with other styling tools. One vital point here is the power supply. Please do not use it more than 100V and 60Hz.

  • Hair type

Ladies with the too complicated structure of the hair can count on Dafni hair straightener. It is able to manage and deal with any type of the strands such as coarse and colored, dry or oily, fine or curly ones.

  • Warranty

I hope that your brush will work for a long time. Anyway, you are able to count on one year of respective and required warranty.

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