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How to provide protection to hair strands

Massive ads don’t let you to forget care hair summer. On one hand it is irritating fact, on other hand please say huge thank you to them. Nowadays, sun become much more aggressive than before, so everyday care skin is essential. But did you consider hair, scalp is worth of sun protection too. They absorb sun rays and take all shock on them. They are begging for your kind assistance. Hair locks are damaged by sun rays, by salt from sea or ocean or by chlorine if you decided to swim in the pool. Truly, your scalp is protected due to intensive hair work. So why don’t you add extra assistance to both of them.

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Let’s find out what can you do in such unpleasant situation like that.

First way, but not last is not slapping sunscreen on your locks. Hat is must have accessory in day to day protection. Ideal hat covers entire scalp.

As for sunscreen products, please be so kind to choose UV filters at least with SPF30. Experts in hair sphere give recommendations to try versatile powders with water resistant effect. You should dust it to face and hair simultaneously.

hair protection in summer

Pleas add extra moisture to protection process. In summer please double volume of natural oils or styling tools. Famous stylists advise argan oil as the best way to achieve quick and successful result. I prove that argan oil has super facilities which are able to create radiant and brilliant atmosphere with your locks.

All above mentioned ways should be implemented to your life frequently.

Look closer to your scalp now. Skin of scalp is similar to body skin and requires additional care. Please avoid as much as it possible damage or burn as irritating skin will make you suffer and feel stupid. Moreover, endless impact of UV rays is able to be cancer reason. I am confident about lack of desire so daunting challenge. Damaged skin is equal to damaged hair locks. Locks growth become is a challenge in that way. Nothing grows on dried land like in deserts. Disregard to protection and proper strands care is able to cause a daunting challenge for you.

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protection to hair strands

Scalp along with hair strands will be glad to get hat as its cover. Sunscreen with enough level of SPF (starts from 30) will save your uncovered part. Please apply cream on all uncovered places including ears area and back side of the neck. Even small part is under damage and burns unless you look after them. All these simple steps will save your scalp from burns and locks from dry destiny. Opposite, they will gladden you by their wholesome condition and overwhelming radiance.

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